Blockchain & Travel

Blockchain has become one of the hottest topics in technology and hospitality! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to uncover its impact on the travel industry. On December 5, Luca de Giglio, CEO and Founder of TripsCommunity.com, will lead a track entirely dedicated to blockchain..

He has been talking about it for years, but what does this ubiquitous buzzword really mean? How does it work? Can anyone use it?

Blockchain will no longer be a mystery; nel Travel, come Winding Tree, Kleros, Origin Protocol, Trips Community, Wirex, Tinklit e Tbox Chain. Inizia a toccare con mano questa tecnologia: ad Hicon 2019 avrai la possibilità di ricevere dei token ed aprire un wallet.

Learn directly from the industry leaders in Blockchain throughout their projects, including:

Open inventory distribution protocol

A review certification system built on blockchain technology, based on two key tests: identity and position through a physical device.

Directly from Silicon Valley, Origin is a protocol for the creation of a peer-to-peer based marketplace based on Ethereum and IPFS. Open and open source.

A reservations platform for non-hotel accommodations without intermediaries.
Trips Community wants to create a new, open and fair basis on which companies and individuals can build their own business without the risk of being held hostage by third parties.

POS system for Bitcoin payments for all commercial activities without any commission charged.

Il layer di gestione delle controversie decentralizzato.

The Blockchain Track is led by:


Francesco M. Teofoli

Francesco has over 10 years of experience in Project Management within international contexts of large companies. Passionate about Innovation and Business Processes, he has worked in the Blockchain/Crypto industry since 2014, entered the Vacation Rental market and supported Trips Community in its launch and growth.


Carla Cirolli

Working in the ICT field for 15 years, Carla is passionate about new technologies and is always looking for new challenges. She has collaborated in Trips from the early stages of the project as the head of the communications team.


Claudio Mossino

Claudio has been working in the IT industry for 30 years. At Trips, he collaborates with various projects related to the growth of both the platform and the Community.

De Giglio

Luca De Giglio

Luca is an innovator in the travel industry. In 2001 he launched an "Airbnb before Airbnb" as a lifestyle business that allowed him to travel the world for years. In 2013, he approached Bitcoin and the intersection of these skills lead him to launch Trips Community in 2017, as a neutral alternative to large OTAs.

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