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Over the past twenty years the hospitality industry has witnessed the fastest and most revolutionary changes in its history. The integration of the Internet, social media and digital communication has revolutionized accommodation/hosting. Everything is now more direct, immediate and complex.

Moreover, guests’ consciousness and competence have grown. Millennials, Generation Z, and digital natives, the guests of the future, are already present. The integration of technology in hotels affects each step in the customer journey, from the booking phase to the customer’s retention and loyalty after the stay.

HICON - Hospitality Innovation Conference was born out of this scenario, an event entirely dedicated to the most advanced hospitality technologies.

Granaio dell’Abbondanza, Nana Bianca | Piazza del Cestello, Firenze

Giovedì 3 dicembre 2020
From 9.00 to 18.00

The scientific committee


Giancarlo Carniani

Among the creators of BTO, he has an important management experience in large hotel chains, today he is General Manager of Villa Olmi Resort, Mulino di Firenze and, since January 2013, of Hotel Plaza Lucchesi.



Mirko Lalli

Founder and CEO of Travel Appeal. Teacher in masters and courses in digital communication and management for tourism and Scientific Director of MATIS, Master in Travel Innovation Strategy of H-Farm education.



Nicola Delvecchio

Nicola Delvecchio is Hospitality consultant and trainer, Teamwork





Teamwork has been operating in the hospitality industry since 1998, providing the know-how and experience gained by its consultants and has for years been a reliable and expert interlocutor able to provide customized services, so as to collaborate with the most important hotel chains, territorial promotion agencies, training agencies, universities.

data appeal company

5 milioni di feedback vengono pubblicati online ogni minuto – le tracce digitali lasciate dalle persone che hanno fatto esperienza del mondo che le circonda. Oggi, questi feedback sono il principale fattore di orientamento delle scelte d’acquisto a livello globale. The Data Appeal Company raccoglie, misura e analizza tutti i feedback pubblicati online, li combina con dati geografici e di contesto, e ti offre l’opportunità di sfruttare l’esperienza umana per orientare le tue scelte di business.

travel appeal

Travel Appeal is the B2B startup participated by H-FARM that collects and analyzes online data in real time for the travel world: through an Artificial Intelligence system, it is able to interpret and transforming them into practical advice thanks to which tour operators can improve their positioning and digital reputation resulting in a positive impact on turnover and on the management of priorities and business operations.