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Over the past twenty years the hospitality and tourism industries have witnessed the fastest and most revolutionary changes in its history. The integration of the Internet, social media and digital communication has revolutionized the travel journey. Everything is now more direct, immediate and complex.

Then came 2020… A watershed year that put a strain on the entire travel industry - worldwide. This challenged everyone - from operators to travelers - to find new resources, not only to survive, but to resume tourism with more awareness and methodology, and with a greater openness to change and a new drive for versatility.

Technology and innovation have drastically altered - from hotels and airlines to individual travelers. Tourism has leveraged new solutions and strategies, such as eCommerce and location intelligence, to develop an experience that perfectly conforms to new tourist preferences making travel faster, more varied and pleasant.

Today, more than ever, the use of technology in the hospitality and travel sectors makes a difference throughout the travel process - from pre-booking to post-stay loyalty.

HICON - Hospitality Innovation Conference was born out of this scenario, an event entirely dedicated to the most advanced hospitality technologies.

Dumbo Space
Via Casarini, 19 – Bologna

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021
From 9:00 to 18:00 CET

The scientific committee


Giancarlo Carniani

Among the creators of BTO, he has an important management experience in large hotel chains, today he is General Manager of Villa Olmi Resort, Mulino di Firenze and, since January 2013, of Hotel Plaza Lucchesi.


Mirko Lalli

Founder e CEO di The Data Appeal Company. Docente in master e corsi di comunicazione digitale e management per il turismo e Direttore Scientifico di MATIS, Master in Travel Innovation Strategy di H-Farm education.



Nicola Delvecchio

Nicola Delvecchio is Hospitality consultant and trainer, Teamwork


Silvia Moggia

Social Media Manager & Marketing Consultant per The Data Appeal Company, si occupa anche di promozione e sviluppo per strutture ricettive e destinazioni e scrive per Officina Turistica.




Teamwork has been operating in the hospitality industry since 1998, providing the know-how and experience gained by its consultants and has for years been a reliable and expert interlocutor able to provide customized services, so as to collaborate with the most important hotel chains, territorial promotion agencies, training agencies, universities.

data appeal company

5 million pieces of feedback are posted online every minute - the digital traces left by people who have experienced the world around them. Today, this feedback is the main guiding factor in purchasing decisions on a global level. The Data Appeal Company collects, measures and analyzes all the feedback published online, combines them with geographical and contextual data, and offers you the opportunity to leverage human experience to guide your business choices.

travel appeal

Travel Appeal is the B2B startup participated by H-FARM that collects and analyzes online data in real time for the travel world: through an Artificial Intelligence system, it is able to interpret and transforming them into practical advice thanks to which tour operators can improve their positioning and digital reputation resulting in a positive impact on turnover and on the management of priorities and business operations.